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Somehow Ansley looks older than you do in that picture. I do see the same forehead and nose--maybe more. It is so hard to analyze each feature objectively. I love looking at those old photos, also, and remembering times long long ago. (When I say that does it make you feel old?) I remember that birthday party very well and I can't remember that girl's name but I think she lived next to Alicia's house. Happy Memories!!


I see it, but then I don't. Sort of. Maybe not as much as others say she looks like you? Yet it's obvious she is related to you for sure! I get that a lot too, people telling me Paige looks just like me, and my first response is "well, you haven't seen her daddy!" Although, she does look identical to me when I was her age. But anyway. I also agree with your mom I think Ansley looks older than you do in that picture at 5. Always fun looking back!

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