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After reading this I'm really thirsty. I think I'm going to go get a glass of ice cold water. Cheers Ansley and Christian!


Well, you could get each child his own little thermos drinker (like the one I got Christian) and ask Ansley to fill each with ice and water before you go out. The one I gave you even had a long handle. This is the best I can come up with now but I'll keep working on it. I just heard from my friend Sarah in Greenville, NC and they have just found fecal matter in their city water and have closed down all restaurants etc and no one can drink the water. She said their is pandemonium at the stores with people buying up bottled water. It could be worse--you could live in Greenville!


I feel your pain. I finally bought Thermos brand "water bottles" for the kids. They stay cold, are spill proof and very portable. Yes, I've lost them. And refound them. And lost them again. But they are VERY durable and worth the $10 each I paid for them at Walmart. And you can buy replacement straws when they wear out!!


OMG- totally laughing at the project 366 picture for today! That has happened around here more times than I'd like to admit! Totally priceless :) I love the look on her face- like "yep, all in a days work!" :))


So...I have this problem, too, with Ella Beth. Most of the time I remember her sippy cup (since she's still little), but not always. When you come up with a solution, share with me!!!

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