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I've been so concerned about Christian all day. I am feeling better that he is a little better and hope the doctor visit tomorrow will be good news. I also wanted to share the good news from Grandma that Pappa was improved today. He has not been able to talk or communicate but this morning he greeted Grandma when she arrived. We are reminded that if there is one stroke there can easily be more but we are grateful for good news today.


Oh, so glad it's not pneumonia! Still what a scary morning! Paige had bronchiolitis when she was 5 weeks old- definitely very scary and not fun and just downright pitiful. The nebulizer worked wonders though- however it can be tricky to do that with a baby or toddler! Not sure if they sent you home with one or not?? Anyway- all that just to say we've been there more times than I like to remember with Paige- so you're not alone! Hope he's feeling much better this morning.


Thankful it's not pneumonia! Hope the follow-up appointment was helpful and that Christian will be feeling better soon. Sorry he's been sick.


So happy to hear he is doing so much better! And yeah for girl time (Proj 366) - makes me smile for you!! Can't wait to see you in less than a week.


Glad to hear that they caught it early -- so scary, it is. Saying a little prayer tonight that Christian will feel even better as you start your monday.

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