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That's a great idea! I think I was Ansley's age the last time I did that! I'm always making smoothies anyway- just never thought to freeze them into a popsicle! I think we'll have to do that. And it's a great excuse to make a run to Target for some cute molds :)

Nana (To Paige and Pierson

Megan, I am sitting here (at work) drinking my first cup of coffee and checking Desta's website (looking for more pics of my little prince and princess) and also checking all her "favorites" as well. I used to make popsicles with simply kool aid in ice cube trays - nothing as fancy as your yummy recipe. Great idea - and then I see Christian and I start laughing outloud!!!!! He is all boy and so loving his popsicle!!!!
Thanks for sharing. Nana

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thanks for commenting, Nana! Glad that I could bring a smile (or, rather, Christian could) to your workday today!


Megan, how funny...I was just contemplating blogging about our homemade popsicles we've been enjoying for the last 2 weeks. :) I also don't add any sugar and the kids love them! LOVE the pic of Christian, too cute!


Oh my goodness! That picture of Christian is the BEST. Looks like her really enjoyed the new facial cream you made . . oh, wait. You said it was a popsicle. Whatever, he had fun none the less.

Ansley looks so intent on the making and measuring. Was she just so proud?

MEGAN RESPONDS: Yes, ReNee, she was LOVING it, like you noticed. I haven't figured out yet if all four year olds enjoy cooking, or if it is something she is becoming very passionate about, but either way, she is always eager to help in the kitchen!


Yum O!


Christian REALLY enjoyed that popsicle! But I was wondering--does that cupcakery sell anything besides cupcakes? I'm not sure why I wondered but...

MEGAN RESPONDS: Just cupcakes, Mimi. I don't know how high in demand cupcakes are, and while we were there I did wonder how they would make a profit just selling cupcakes. Then I remembered, oh yeah, each cupcake is $4, so there's their profit!


So yeah, um, just have to say YUM to that cupcakery place! You mean, it's not normal to have or want to have cupcakes everyday for lunch?! Darn :) That would so be me everyday if I could!!! And we have been known to do just that as well. It sure makes for a fun and yummy lunch! The difference though is rather than taking 'just a bite' (I wish!), I would be fighting Paige for whatever she has left, after already finishing mine! :)) I have a huge sweet tooth with no end! And double chocolate? My kind of girl! :))

Jonathan and Missy

Those look yummy. Too bad it appears Christian never got to taste them. :)


Great post! Yes, I think Christian is all boy there. Little boys are just so messy, and super cute! Enjoy the long, lazy, hot days of summer.


oh,fun! We, too bought popsicle molds (no fun shape though) and made them this week. I kept thinking that there should be a great, healthy recipe that we could use -- we have every kind of fruit under the sun in our house, and organic yogurt, too.... sadly, we made apple juice pops. Not nearly as messy, or as healthy. Well, you've inspired me to give it another try with better ingredients! Alex had a hard time waiting, too. It felt like he asked every ten minutes for hours on end!

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