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Nana (to Paige and Pierson)

Looks exactly like Christian. Who is it, John?
Carol (better known as Nana)


I know who it is but I do think it looks a lot like Christian. Do you have an age for that picture?


I think it's you due to the cute nose. (Did John have any part in the genetics of your kids? HA!)


P.S. Where did you find the cooler cups with straws?

MEGAN RESPONDS: Ashley, I got 'em at Target, in the back-to-school aisle. So far (you know, after two days) I'm a big fan!


This baby looks just like Christian! My guess is that it is your brother- only because of the color of the jacket- blue and yellow- though it looks likes it's fall in the picture- and I know your birthday is late Aug. (if I remember correctly?) and this baby looks right around a year old- which you would have been in the fall- so due to that I would say then it's you?? So basically, I have no idea! :) Who is it!? :)) Oh, and great facts from that time- wow- I can't imagine gas at 36 cents! Too scary to think we will probably look back on this time and think, "gosh, how nice it was when gas was 'only' $4/gallon!"


I don't know! However, the similarity between this little one and Christian is eye-catching! I'll say it's you.


I'm a little late with the answer already revealed but when I saw it I definitely "saw" Christian and YOU were my guess even with the blue jacket throwing me off. :) We're the same age and I think I had at least one blue jacket too. The other day I saw a school picture of Derek at the same age as Sarah now and it really was shocking to see. It was just as if I was looking at Sarah's face - with Derek's hair. :)


Yes, I was late... but I would have guessed John as well! I am amazed by the similarity!!

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