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Well, now that you have posted John's picture...Ansley looks more like John's baby picture and Christian looks more like yours. :)


I totally see Christian in John's baby picture!


I completely see Ansley in John's baby picture!

liz Davies

This baby looks like Ansley in the eyes to me. Thanks for sharing. This is fuN!


Definitely Ansley in the eyes and even the nose- and I do see a resemblance to Christian- though compared to your baby picture Christian definitely looks more like you!


Ok. I'd say John's baby picture looks like Ansley in the eyes. But now I think she looks like you in the eyes.

I've always thought Christian looks like John, but not identically. Just enough to tell John's his Daddy. And of course, Ansley looks some like you. But honestly, I think they look like themselves. Just have resemblances of you and John.

I'll have to send you a picture of Laura and I taken in March . . . talk about identical. Poor girl, it's scary.

Liz Snyder

Wow, I see both kiddos in this pic! I think they must both look a lot like you and John. Actually, I can even see you and John looking a little alike as tots.
Fun stuff!


Where can I get some shoes like that?!?

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