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Thanks for your encouragement. I'll have to look into that book - I haven't heard of it. I'm always looking for a good new book. Glad that y'all are having some fun dates and that you are getting some good Mimi time! Still miss you!


And you certainly reap the rewards as your children get older. I had a good time babysitting. Wish I lived closer to do it more often. I noticed the ladybug dress that Ansley and I made this spring. It looks cute on her.


I feel like this post was written just for me! I SO needed to hear all of that- and will be rushing out to find this book! It sounds amazing- and something I SO need to read. Thanks for sharing! :)


Thanks for the encouragement! Such a well-timed post. I am putting this book on my "Next To Read" list. :)


Thanks so much for the motherhood encouragement and the challenge to keep an eternal perspective. Much, much needed for me right now. Thanks for sharing what you are learning. . . Happy half-way to two for Christian. :) . . . Thankful for you guys that you are spending time with new friends!


I don't know if this book is new or old, but I wish I had read it 20 years ago. I seriously needed something like that back then. I know you enjoy every moment with your children as you should. Just know that these days that you have right now just go by ever so fast, because it seems like yesterday for me. Now I'm looking forward to a wedding in January and an engagement that should be coming soon. I love reading your blog. It brings back so many memories that I wish I had documented.

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