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poor girl... that pitiful look is definitely something you'll want to remember when she's grown up! I just had to laugh at the second child reference.... and, while I know it was in jest, the "give him the knife" reference is often my motto with the second one, too :o)

It was great seeing you guys... and I will try really hard to get that sneak peek up tonight :)

MEGAN RESPONDS: Oh, boy, now you've opened a can of worms! I'll be obsessively checking ALL NIGHT! ;)


You have opened 2 cans of worms now, Christina!! I'll be calling every few minutes to see where I can find the sneak peek! That is so sad about that cute tea pot. I really liked it, too. What was Christian's response?(besides uhoh) I will be on the look out for a new tea pot. Maybe the unbreakable ones are better.


This just gives me an inside look of what's to come in my own household! I'm sorry for Ansley. I hope you find a replacement soon; I'll keep my eyes open!


Hi Megan. I found your blog through Ashley Jansen's blog. I would definitely check on e-bay. It would surprise you what you can find. I bet they have the exact same one on there. They may even have it on Craigslist. Happy hunting. I know that was very sad for her to lose one of her favorite things.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thanks for the idea, Marcy, and thanks for commenting! Always fun to see new people reading my blog! :)


Perhaps you can take Ansley to one of those pottery painting places and take one of the teacups with you to match the colors and let her paint a new teapot? Perhaps take this "terrible" event and turn it into something fun and girly.

Good luck!

MEGAN RESPONDS: I like this idea, Jennifer! We may have to do that. :)

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