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the dirt picture is like a prize-winner!!! That face! It just feels like the perfect 'toddler boy' photo (and I consider myself somewhat of an expert on those little fellas). I LOVE it!


Oh so cute! Those phrases reminded me of a little 3 year old boy in my home too. That cuteness has gotten him out of waaaaay too many time outs. LOL! Bad mommy. :) Hope you guys are doing well! :)


He looks so innocent in that dirt picture. He's just leaning on the pot wondering who in the world would have made such a mess! It certainly wasn't him!!


This is hysterical! Oh BOY, am I in for some trouble with Zachary about a year from now.


Amen to that! Even though Pierson is just weeks shy of a year- he is already such a boy like this and I already am in so much trouble! Yet, his big 'innocent' eyes and dimpled smile always seem to get him out of trouble! That dirt picture is the epitomy of boyhood! Completely priceless!!!! Love it! :)


:) Just had a conversation with Derek that if we had a boy one day after three girls that it would be very different!!!


You are so brave to give him such a messy treat in the car. Much braver than I am! Ella Beth gives me faces like the one captured by the pot. I'm in double trouble soon!


LOVE the dirt picture, it's just priceless. I always love it when my friends share boy-stories :) For so long, I thought my kids were just way-out wild... but they are just "being boys" ! Good to know :)

liz Davies

Oh, yes, you've captured my life completely! Christian is all-boy for sure. And so cute too. It makes the old adage that boys don't get common sense till about 30 very, very true, huh? And don't start counting how many boy messes you clean up each day. Just don't :)


Love the picture with the flower pot. It truly looks practiced. Like he has to use it a lot! lol

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