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So, you're going to share the link with us for the full gallery once she gets it up, right??!! :)) I love the ones in the sneak preview- I'd love to see more! Please share MORE with us! :))


Just had to say to both you and Christina - excellent photos!


So sweet! Love the pictures!


Just a note regarding your 366 picture today... No, it's NEVER an 'easy' procedure when it's your baby! I know- we've been through three 'simple' procedures with Paige- two as a baby and one this last fall for her adenoid/tonsilectomy, and word of advice- if they allow you back (which with the most recent surgery with Paige they did not)- do not go back to the operating room and watch them put him under. I made that mistake with Paige's surgery as a baby and it was horrible having to watch that- b/c they don't understand and it's heartbreaking. It's definitely harder on mom than baby- remember that! He will do great and will be in and out so fast you won't have time to say 'anesthesia'! Good luck!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thanks for the advice, Desta. Good to know that I'm not alone in my freaking out! :)

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