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I love hearing about what is happening with you guys! LOVE the butterfly! :) And we loved the little people house here as well! :) Oh and you have GOT to find some pants with penguins on them now!!

Ashley Lee

Christian and Isaac would get along so well together. They have many similarities so it seems.

Olivia's 6th birthday party was butterfly themed. It's a fun theme to work with. Can't wait to see pictures from it.


It would be cute to have a birthday tree decorated with those butterflies! Christian looks older already--now that he is 18 months old.


Smiling just reading about all that's going on at your house. :) I know I've seen pants from Lands End Kids with small pictures on them like snowmen or horses - maybe you can find penguins - or penguin tights to go with her favorite dress. Hannah has always preferred dresses too. Does her first day of school dress have apples on it? Very, very cute. Where did you find it? We are going back to homeschool shopping for first day dresses next week. When your school lessons begin it will help that Christian likes to "carlo." :) Check out for some kids sewing kits with big needles. A friend had her oldest make a stuffed puppy dog as a gift for her youngest. Lauri also has sewing kits. We got a vet puppet. I can't wait to see your butterfly party ideas. You always plan such fabulous parties (and Ashley Lee too with Olivia's butterfly party!) Have a great weekend.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Yes, Renee, her dress does have apples on it. It is from Gymboree. And thanks for all the great information - I'll definitely be looking into all that!

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