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Terrific idea! A fun way to get mine to eat up their fruits and veggies just because it's different for the regular PB&J. :)


How fun! I can't wait to try this...but I don't think Taylor will be ok with the mini tray so I hope I can find my 2nd big one! Thanks for the idea...hope all is well!

Jill Elya

How fun is that!!! Maybe it will get my picky daughter to eat real food! She is almost 16 months and doesn't like real food yet.
Hope Christian feels better soon! Tubes are a lifesaver! Turner got hers on March 5th (just shy of 11 months old) and she hasn't been sick since!! I highly recommend them. She is a completely different child since that day.
Blogger lurker and friend of Desta's.

Jonathan Burrows

MMMMMMmmmm...banana slices with ranch dressing! (shudder) That's got to be an interesting flavor combination.


so sorry Christian is sick. I hate having sick babies! Our poor sweet boys!

Renee Wilmath

This is an awesome idea!!!!! I want this lunch!!! Can't wait to try with Ciara and Ewan.

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