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That is so special. I am SO getting Kaitlyn a camera for her 4th b-day!


How awesome to get her perspective on so many things!


That reminds me- I've never uploaded any of the pic's Paige has ever taken with hers. Though she must not have nearly the space on her card as Ansley's- since her's only seems to hold about 20 or so pictures. But still- note to self- upload them next time! :)) Too cute!


What a great post. Jace has a Fisher Price camera. When I started going through them, I saw Disney World from his perspective. Lots of fences, shoes, and trash cans : ). The sad part was that was from a year and half ago! Thanks for making me download them! (also before Reece erases them because she LOVES Jace's camera).


Those are totally precious moments. I am so glad that you've had them. What a wonderful gift she's given you!


Note to self...get Hamilton a camera for his 4th birthday! So wonderful!!


This is absolutely the coolest thing ever - no doubt that Kamryn will be getting her own camera in a few years!!

Thank you so much for sharing with us - the pictures of your dad brought both smiles & tears...


What a great photographer Ansley is. I'm glad she took a photo of Pop Pop. I can't get enough pictures of dad.


:) Derek and I had been thinking that Sarah would have fun with a camera for her birthday in October, and after reading your post now I'm thinking about how much fun it will be for ME to see her pictures. Hannah and Sarah both ask me to take pictures of such funny things. My sister-in-law gave them each a disposable camera to take to the hospital when Lydia was born and I really treasure those pictures from their perspective!


Love, love, love it! Can't wait to see what my already-obsessed-camera-girl will come up with!

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