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Wow, that's a great story! Ansley has such a sweet heart. Brought a smile to my face today!


OMG- ewwwww! Oh, and that little girl who jumps on the counter and screams at bugs- well she lives here :) Unfortunately Paige is just like her mom- as I was hoping not to pass my fears on to her. Oh well- maybe with Pierson- being a boy and all- he'll be my little savior- saving me from spiders and the like when they make it in the house! How sweet that she tried to and did save 'Sally' though :) I'll never forget when a cat I had growing up drug in a bird, among other things! Feathers were strewn all over the house! Gotta love our little furry friends :))


you are too funny... as always, laughing out loud at this! Be glad you don't live at our house... spiders seem to be everywhere for some reason this summer. And yesterday, Alex discovered a black widow spider on our patio! We are safe neither inside nor out! Yet most of our spiders - in their pretty little webs outside - have names and stories they tell their friend, Alex. It's no wonder Alex and Ansley get along so well ;)

Jonathan Burrows

Megan, it sounds like you and my wife share your sentiments about bugs and such.

Do you have a Facebook account? I just signed up a couple of months ago and it is unbelievable how many people I have gotten in touch with that I thought I would never hear from again. If you haven't already, I would encourage you to make an account and have a look around. It's much less cluttered and easier to use than MySpace. There are also several groups that have been formed recently such as LHS class of '93 with reunion information and a Band alumni group and others. Check it out!



Remember when Zorro got that mouse in our house in Augusta? The only one that would step foot in the house was Zorro and he did get it. Poor little Sally looks pretty harmless and kind of cute!


Wouldn't it have been funny if Ansley picked up your camera when she came into the kitchen to take a picture of you frightened by "Sally"? Then she would have been just like her Mom. I laughed so hard when I read the story about the teapot.


I just love your ever-ready camera to capture the essence of these stories. I'm so glad you have Ansley to protect you. And the cereal bar is TOO funny! I have a little BOY who cries and panics at bugs. So be grateful. :)

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