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Ashley Lee

How exciting that your first week has gone so well! Unfortunately, yes the hard days will come, but just reflect back on your good days and you will be blessed. Thank God that He is the One who renews our spirits and that He helps us through the harder days of being a homeschool mom. I praise God that you and Ansley are off to a great start to your homeschooling adventure.


I'm looking forward to hearing all about creation when I come on Saturday! I also hope everyone is better by then--I sure don't want it. I will have to eat some extra antioxidants!!


yeah :) So excited to hear that you are off to a good start! I love the flour abc idea. Thanks for sharing! Love her expression in the last picture - you can tell she is having such fun!


How fun for both of you! Another way to make the letters fun is to use shaving cream on a platter or tray. Also, Crayola makes window markers and using those on the sliding glass doors or bathroom mirror are great fun!


Where is flashback Friday??


Hi Megan. I'm so glad you and Ansley had such a wonderful first week of lessons together (in spite of everyone being under the weather.) As a homeschooling mom myself, I know how good it is to hear "I love school, Mama" and to experience your child enthusiastic about learning. :) I'm happy for you that kindergarten is off to a terrific start!


Back to say your butterfly birthday invitations are very pretty. :) Have fun planning Ansley's party!


I just noticed. She's a lefty??

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