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Ashley Lee

Too funny! LOL :)


OMG- I'm now lying/laying (I agree- which is it?!) on the floor laughing! Seriously funny.


Very, very funny!


Oh my! You're right. That won't be nearly as funny when she's 10, except that she'll know it's wrong. . . Laura slipped that out the other day sounding out a word reading and thought she'd be in real trouble!


oh man, so funny. glad you blogged this so you'd always remember--not that being called a park bitch is something you'd forget exactly, but you know, just in case. hilarious!


So funny! When Aidan was little he couldn't say his "X's" (yeah hard letter) So he one day said "Fox" but instead of the "X" he put in a "ck" You can only imagine how it came out. We really could not stop laughing. He was only 13 or 14 months. HA!


I am rolling on the floor laughing myself! so funny!!

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