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Ashley Lee

Wow! That card will make you cry. I thank God for the opportunity that we have to get to be parents. It's amazing to think about their future and what it holds for them as well as for the world.

Hope the party turns out perfectly tomorrow. I know the hard work that you've put into it. Can't wait to see pictures!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A N S L E Y !

Ashley Lee

For some reason that last line didn't turn out right. I'll try again...


Happy Birthday Ansley! Time flys! I remember when she was that little.


I remember, also. It was so exciting to anticipate my first grandchild and then when she got here I couldn't see her or talk about her or find little things for her enough!! What a joy being a grandparent is!!! Happy Birthday, Ansley!!


I love that card, and have used that poem in both of the kids' scrapbooks ( of course altered a bit to fit Pierson). It makes me cry everytime too that I read it- it's just so true. I remember we first met you when she was about this old! Now that I can hardly believe! Paige wasn't even born yet! Gosh time flies! Have a very happy birthday Ansley!


Happy Birthday, Ansley! You were a cutie pie baby and are a cutie pie girl. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Have a happy 5th birthday party tomorrow Ansley!!! :) Sarah was looking at her baby scrapbook the other day, and it made me smile to see her reading what I wrote about how much I loved her during those precious baby days as a family of just three. Also, we went to the Circle Y the other day and when we turned down Wheeler Grove Road it reminded me of driving that long stretch every morning to teach kindergarten at the church, pregnant with Sarah and daydreaming of the day she would arrive. We have been blessed! Enjoy celebrating your beautiful daughter ! :)


Ahhhh.... so sweet! Hope you had a wonderful birthday party, Ansley!!
Tonight at dinner (before reading your entry) Shawn and I were just thinking back to how long we've known you guys... I was remembering more than one conversation about "dreaming to have her"... fondly remembering those exciting moments of anticipation and planning. Hard to believe that was nearly six years ago! We had just no idea how absolutely wonderful it truly is to hold and enjoy those babies now... back when they were but a dream :)

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