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Ashley Lee

Yea! Flashback Friday is back! Gotta love the 70's styles.


Yes, I wonder what I was looking at, also! I promise that you had not outgrown that dress--little girls wore their dresses that short then. I didn't know that I was that much taller than Grandma--maybe I had higher heels than she had. I'd guess that Dad was working and Grandma and Papa came to visit so Papa took the picture. You had such blonde, curly hair. People would ask you where you got your curly hair and you would answer, "JC Penney." Everyone thought that was pretty funny!!


I guess Ansley recognizes me because I still have that youthful look. :)


I was looking at old pictures while in TN last weekend, and noticed how Grandma usually had a huge smile for pictures -- it looks like she was always having a great time. However, she looks a little tired here. So, the question is: what was Jonathan doing to wear Grandma out? :)


Why do Beth and Megan always pick on me? I've always been so nice and sweet to both of you. :)


Jonthan - I mentioned to Megan that you had more of a "bully" look in this picture. Her response..."he was always a bully". I'm not sure the "I've always been so nice" statement holds water. Good try though!

I agree with your youthful look just with a bit less hair now vs. then!

Just thought I would jump on the Jonjon bandwagon.


What is it I remember about being trapped between sofa cushions while someone with a "youthful look" jumped on top of them, or vaseline in my hair.... these may be the earliest memories of my dear cousin. So nice and sweet. :)


Ok, maybe not always sweet but I liked to keep things exciting.

Megan - you need to keep John off of here. No fair ganging up on Jon Jon.

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