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Ashley Lee

Yea! Go Ansley! I am cheering you on from Georgia. Hope you have a terrific season.


Too cute! Paige has asked a couple times about playing soccer, and now after seeing this, I'm thinking we'll definitely have to look into it- but maybe for next summer. Way too much going on right now between school, dance and gymnastics! But how fun. The goalie story broke my heart as a mom! You forget what pressure it can be being the goalie- especially for such a little kid! Way to go Yellow Jackets! :)

Ashley Jansen

Wow! Brings tears to my eyes to remember Katie in her uniform - shorts basically covering the top of their socks and shin-guards. It looks like such fun! Maybe we can come up and see the I mean Ansley in action soon!


I can't wait to see her play!! She must have been running--her face is really red!! I'm now a soccer-MiMi!!!


Go Ansley!


How fun!!! She was right in there in the action! So cute :)

I remember all too well this spring in soccer... all I did was feed jake snacks to keep him out of trouble ;)

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