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Ashley Lee

What a fun butterfly birthday party! I'm so glad that Ansley had a great time. Kudos, Megan, on another great birthday bash. You're a great planner and executor. :) Have a wonderful and HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY tomorrow, Ansley. Enjoy being 5 and enjoy your new doll Ellie. She is so pretty. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....


Paige will just die when she sees Ansley has an American Girl doll! That's something I have a feeling is in the nearer future around here as well :) Too bad I can't find mine from when I was little! Ugh! Anyway- looks like a cute and fun birthday. Happy 'official' birthday today Ansley!


What a fabulous butterfly birthday party! I like the cocoon race! :) You plan such fun parties, Megan.
I'm about to work on invitations to Sarah's pajama party. :) Seven!

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