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Ashley Lee

What wonderful news, Megan. I am so pleased to hear that you and Ansley are continuing to enjoy homeschooling. You'll be amazed at how much you will learn as you're teaching. It's fascinating and rewarding to teach and be a learner, too. You are making some wonderful traditions it sounds like with the Schultuete and brownies.


which curriculum are you using?

(i am a friend of ashley jansen and check out your blog from time to time. my oldest daughter and your daughter are the same age.)

MEGAN RESPONDS: Hi, Stephanie! Thanks for the comment - it's always fun to learn of new people stopping by. We are using My Father's World (phonics, science), Handwriting Without Tears and A Reason For Handwriting (for handwriting, of course :)), Math U See (math), Leading Little Ones to God (Bible) and lots and lots of library books! :)


Sure does look like fun!! School should be fun and I think Ansley will enjoy it all. I'm looking forward to a MiMi's lesson. Give me a topic so I can start working on it. Yeah for school!!!


I admire your homeschooling skills! So fun!

I thought I'd mention that as a teacher probably the #1 thing I ever heard in conferences was some variation of 'I hate math'. This was from parents, not students. So it's a very common thing, but I'm here to tell you that I LOVE MATH! (And I'm a girl! And I'm proud of it!)

Keep up the good work--it's fun hearing about all you're doing.

MEGAN RESPONDS: WOW! A mathlover! So you DO exist! ;) So one official mathlover on the chart. Maybe we will chart the mathlovers vs non-mathlovers for our next lesson. :) (Only kidding). Thanks for the comment - I'd be proud of it too! I am praying that Ansley will be a math lover - and encouragement! ;)


i should have mentioned we have a blog too. so you can see just who was visiting your blog :)

thanks for the info on the curriculum. i will look that up! my daughter is in kindergarten this year. we want to try public school for a year and see how it goes. so far it's not bad, but we're still not sold on the public school experience. i enjoy seeing your success and creativity with homeschooling. keep up the great work!


I'm so glad ya'll are having FUN with homeschooling! My girls LOVE school too! I always feel so badly when I see and hear people talking about how their kids hate school...but I really haven't experienced that yet. Yes, sometimes they give me a fight about something specific when they are having a defiant day... but overall we have lots of fun and they enjoy it! I have fun with it too! :)


Hi Megan. :) This is the second time that I wrote a comment and then didn't see it later. Oops. I just wanted to say I'm happy that your kindergarten year is off to such a great start with Ansley eager to learn and having fun. I know how wonderful it is as a mother and teacher to see your child love to learn! You are a fun, creative mom with your yummy ABC brownies and the Schultuete tradition. :)


I, too so admire your homeschooling abilities! I am excited to hear about all that you are learning, and the fun traditions that you are beginning! Way to go!!


Hi! I actually found your blog through Ashley Lee's. :-) You are both amazing!
Glad to hear you are enjoying homeschool. We are embarking on our 5th year (hard to believe!) We've done alot of different things over the years and I love the flexibility. Sarah is a middle schooler now and Rebecca is in 4th grade, but both are working way above their grade levels.
You'll have bumps, but overall it's a great ride!
Jill Hart

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