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I can't wait to see what you have made! :) It is chilly here today and a few drops of rain just rained out our driveway bike riding a few minutes ago. Your 366 photos make me wish that I had soup in our crock pot and bread in my bread machine. :) I really need to use our crock pot more now that the weather is cooler. Also, our homeschool group has started a "once a month cooking" group. I have a schedule conflict Saturday but it got me thinking that I should use my freezer to make more dinners ahead.


If it's what I think it is - I think it's precious and wonderful! Of to do my 'create' - cowboy costume here I come!!

Ashley Lee

Very cute, Megan!!! You are quite talented when it comes to sewing. I would love to be able to sew, but haven't the time in this chapter of my life--maybe I'll learn in the next one. :) Hope you had a great weekend with your friends. Happy Monday!


I've never seen a crayon apron before - a very fun idea for a little girl who likes to color (or should I say "carlo".) Just be sure to check all 18 little pockets if it happens to get tossed in the wash. :) I recently washed a green crayon!!! I really like your fabric choices and I'm smiling with you about creating :) - and it's not curtains!

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