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I used to love watching you clog!! Do you remember why you had those flowers? Those were 20 interesting things but reading them started making me tired for a nap, also!!! Where is the picture for the day??

MEGAN RESPONDS: No, Mimi, I don't remember why I had the flowers. Do you? :)


It's always nice to stop and think of the mom occassionally, isn't it. And yet it is hard. I think you make a great hostess, as I always enjoyed functions you had. And you can have the award for the wittiest (is that a word?) blog. I just love it.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Wow, thanks, ReNee! :)


I love reading random things about you :) It's always fun to learn little tidbits about our friends :) I wish I knew how to knit too... I don't really want to learn, but it would be fun to knit if I knew how... maybe we can challenge ourselves to teach each other :) Have a great weekend!! Talk soon!


I love that you are a cat lover as well-us cat lovers need to stick together! There seems to be too few of us around! Don't get hard on yourself for feeling like you get irritable and are short with your kids sometimes. Most days I feel like irritable could be my middle name! It's called being a mom of two little ones- need I say more?! :))


Just saw your 366 pictures ( I really need to check those BEFORE leaving my comment!)- and saw you mentioned pumpkin soup?! Yum-O! I LOVE anything pumpkin this time of year- or well really any time of year! May I ask if it was from a recipe or a mix or something? I would love to make that to go with everything else around here that seems to have pumpkin in it right now in our kitchen :))

MEGAN RESPONDS: It was a recipe using fresh pumpkin, but super easy in the Crock Pot. I'd be happy to share the recipe if you'd like.


It was fun to read a little Megan trivia. :) Derek and I were just talking about it the other night that I need to re-discover some Renee in these days when my focus is on my three little girls.


Oooh- the crock pot- even easier and I'm guessing it would make the whole house smell yummy! Yes- please share! Just e-mail me if you get a chance! :) (I did see a pumpkin soup mix at the grocery store yesterday- and picked it up- though I'm guessing it's probably not as good as from fresh pumpkin!) Thanks!! :))

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