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Fall is my favorite time of the year, also! I have my genuine ceramic pumpkin on the mantle and my real artificial pumpkins on the front porch!! Because it is cooler I also feel more like doing something--I just don't know what! I am going to my senior luncheon today at church--that is my big outing and I may just break down and do some vacuming. What a day!


We just got back from going to the bank (depositing Bunco $$ for next month's hosting), Chick-fil-a for lunch, then Hobby Lobby to pick up a few more beads and sequins I need for the stockings. Hamilton is now napping and I'm about to tackle the monthly budget before I go and do some stocking work. Have a 2 year old birthday party this afternoon then it's off to Mimi and Papa's for a slumber party with Hamilton (or should I say a slumber party for Mark and I w/o H).

Ashley Lee

Well, so far today we have had homeschool, the cleaning ladies came, and I have gotten a few loads of laundry done. Later, we are planning on going to the mall to shop and going out to eat dinner. Yea, I have the night off from the kitchen. :)

Cogratulations, Ansley, on learning to read!!! So glad to hear you are enjoying it! It is so wonderful to watch your children begin to read. Olivia loves reading as well and 90% of the time can be found with a book in her hand or within her reach. :) Since she turned 7, one sign of maturity has been that she enjoys bringing a book to the table with her to read. We normally ask her to wait to finish reading until after spending time with us; it is so wonderful though to see her so engrossed in reading that sometimes I allow her to continue while eating.

Hope you find your decorations. I pulled out my acorn candleholders just last night that we bought on a shopping trip together to Memphis 11 years ago. :) Do you remember those? How can it have been 11 years ago? We can't be getting that much older, can we.? ;)


Yeah for fall! I laughed when I read your first line because I actually bought the pumpkin bread at Williams Sonoma as well - just had to have some!


Correction - meant to say I actually bought it YESTERDAY too - forgot to put in why that was funny to me. =)


Fall is my favorite, too!

Lemme I got up at 7 AM (very late for me). I got Landon down for a nap...yes, a 7 AM. Scott got up with him at 5:30. I got in the shower and got ready for the day. Landon woke up soon after. He and I ate breakfast while Scott and Ella Beth played downstairs. Scott left for work, and EB, L, and I went to Home Depot (for paint samples) and Wal-mart. We came home and ate lunch. EB and I baked cookies...sugar cookies with sprinkles! Both babies took naps at the same time, however, both naps were very brief. I got a little of the house cleaned and some emails read. Both babies woke up around the same time. Scott came home about 10 minutes later. Yes! We all played outside. Cooked dinner...yum. I cleaned up the kitchen while Scott had some daddy time with both little ones. Bath time. Bed time. Mommy time. Off to bed myself!

BTW...both of my little ones are "Little People" fans, too!


My to do list yesterday would have been WAY too long to type. It started with our first field trip with out homeschool group to "Let's Pretend Hospital" and it ended with Sarah's 7th birthday party!!! 11 little girls for a pajama party (that ended at 8:30 p.m. instead of a.m.!)

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