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Those are great pictures!! I, too, wish it was cooler but it looks like we will have cooler temperatures later this week. (I tell you this since I know that you don't follow the weather like I do!) I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Hey there :) Thank you all so much for hosting us this weekend! It was so much fun!!! We are looking forward to more parks and mountains, picnics... and of course friends :) Yes... the park successfully wore them both out, as Jake fell asleep within 5 minutes of being in the car. Something that NEVER happens!! And even Alex fell asleep for quite a while. It was a perfect ending to a great visit. Thanks again! Watch out Knoxville... here we come!


Yes, I definitely think it would be Ansley's Mama, not Ansley, who would be scared about doing SkyHike at Stone Mountain. Look at her on that bungee jump! And she did a ropes course- -go Ansley!


I'm so happy for you that your old friends will be close again! Smiling that you go to hear Kenny Rogers!!!


Kenny Rogers and his family lived for a while at the apartment complex where I work (in the corporate office) while they were building their house. I used to look out the window and see him getting on his tour fun!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Wow, that is cool! Did you get his autograph? : )

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