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OK, I'm just laughing here at the fun I know y'all were having! Nice pj's - and, yes, they are BRIGHT! So glad you had a wonderful weekend. :)

Ashley Lee

Great pictures! Glad to see you all had a great time together. And thanks for the laugh! :)


I LOL'd a few time through this post. Oh man...why do I feel it won't be the last time we laugh at these photos either. I'm trying to decide if the annual thing will also be for us to find the ugliest and brightest pj's ever created for that year or if we will be able to get back to normal pj's? Guess we'll see. Was such a good time. Don't forget to send me the pics you took from the weekend...for some reason our camera stayed in Mark's car all weekend! What was I thinking? Miss you!!


Those are pretty bright PJs. I don't think I've ever seen you in anything like it!! Now I have the idea that I will make flannel PJs for the whole family out of similar material. I can picture it in my mind right now!!!(In case you are worried it would take way too much time!!!) Hey, but what else do I have but time??? It will keep you wondering and maybe a little worried!!!


I happen to like those pajama's the girls have on- seriously! :) I'm all about funky bright cool patterns! I mean who wants boring p.j.'s?! So where did you get them? :))) Thanks for the laugh this morning- laughing with you of course :)) Glad you had a great weekend!


You make me laugh. :) Glad y'all had so much fun together!!!


So funny, but they do look comfortable. There is nothing like some new comfortable jammies on cool fall evenings!

Kimberly Mcleod

Are you sure our PJs don't glow in the dark too? I am sad I couldn't join in the fun but I was there in spirit.

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