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Wow girl! I thought we had a lot of food! Did you do all that cooking?

MEGAN RESPONDS: No way! :) We did the turkey and several dishes, but everyone contributed. Many hands make light work! That's what my Mom used to say, anyway. :)


That woven crust on the pot pie is very impressive!! I'm trying to picture you weaving and keeping it on the top of the pie.


Wow- that is one pie table! :) Right up my alley! Looks like you had a very yummy Thanksgiving! And that update you were looking for- is up now :)) Oh- and I guessed right away what Christian was doing on the floor- since I don't think I've gone to the bathroom in private for years now- and when I do attempt to close the door- that's usually exactly what Pierson does- though he usually prefers to bang on the door until I give in and open it :)) Too funny!


Forgot to say 'yeah' for Dec. 1st and the Advent Calendar! (I just posted a comment though I don't see it showing up- hmmm?!) Anyway- We've been looking forward to Monday all weekend just for that too! Paige loves it- and I'm the opposite- I never had anything like that growing up- so I'm always looking for new and fun traditions to create for my kiddo's- and that is a favorite around here as well! Anyway- in my invisible comment I swear I left- I mentioned being in awe of that dessert table- right up my alley! :) And I guessed right away what Christian was doing- since the rare couple of times I've managed to go to the bathroom in private in the last five years or so, that is what you will now find Pierson doing if I attempt to be behind a closed door for two seconds :) Too funny. And that update you were looking for- it's up now :))


oh sure- there it now shows up and makes me look like an idiot! :) Argh!


I'm glad you had a happy Thanksgiving with lots of family! And lots of pie! Your dessert table reminds me of one of our favorite parts in Harold and the Purple Crayon when he has a picnic with all nine of his favorite kinds of pie. :) I sure hope sweet Ansley is feeling much better now. What a special gift for your mom to make your Advent calendar like the one you had growing up. All on her own Sarah made us one out of construction paper with little flaps to lift up with drawings underneath. It's so much fun as a mom. Lydia has taken just a few steps before now but yesterday when we were putting up the ornaments she was walking all over the place with all the excitment and Christmas music. Merry Christmas!!!

Bill McCready

Okay, I'm impressed with the gift of lyrics that I didn't know you had! And Jimmy Buffet! I am speechless!

Happy Thanksgiving, and may the rest of your holiday season be snot and sickness free!



That is A LOT of food. I'm with Ansley not being able to eat much of my Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe we should meet somewhere and do a re-do for the two of us :) I hope she is feeling better - was it ever determined what she had? I hope that Christian didn't/doesn't get it.

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