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I'm glad you are passing on the thing about always going to school even when we don't feel so good. And, as a teacher, the same thing pretty much holds true. And, as a mother, the same thing is always true!!! You will be happy to look forward to the part where, as a retired Mimi, you are finally allowed to stop because you are tired or have a headache or, pretty much any other reason you want to stop!!!



Ashley Lee

What a fun week (except for you being sick) it looks like you all had! Isn't homeschooling great? You can take off and have a break if you need to. Hope you are feeling better this week and that school has resumed without too much difficulty. :)

How awful about your camera. You must be having withdrawls. I know that I would be. I hope it is fixed and up and running for you very soon. Are you using Ansley's camera in the meantime? :)


Glad you enjoyed your time together for a "fall break" from school. Hope you are feeling better. Sarah and Hannah really like Sequence too. It is at the top of favorite games list. What's wrong with your camera? I just shipped my 50mm portait lens to the Canon Service Center yesterday after it didn't survive that tumble off the kitchen counter.

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