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liz Davies

Hi! Thanks for tagging me. I see that you can't find me on facebook? Liz Spreter Davies. I'll look for YOU :)


I haven't ever had a cavity either! (Knock on wood!)

You should try flannel sheets or 100% cotton...they are so great...not scratchy!

MEGAN RESPONDS: I would love flannel sheets, but John would never be able to sleep - he would get too hot! (I know better than to even bring it up.) :)


Have you ever tried really high thread count sheets? They are amazingly soft, super duper soft! Brian won't use any other sheets than that- and though I used to not care- now I can't sleep using any other sheet either! Like Jill said- really good flannel sheets are fab also- especially in winter!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Yes, we have high thread count sheets on our bed currently, but they are still not soft enough for me to use a top sheet. ;)


No cavities here either. :) It's interesting the things you find out about someone from their blog that you might not ever find out in a face-to-face conversation!

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