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I'm glad you enjoyed the video--I thought it was pretty neat, too! Another thing about Christian is that he will keep a hat on his head and Ansley always pulled it off! I haven't seen any flurries here but the weather person says we might be able to see some. See you soon!


Love the sucker idea! Daddy and daughter dates are so important! Brenna loves those too.


Where is flashback Friday??


Glad John and Ansley had a daddy-daughter date. :) I like the chocolate lolliops!!! I'll have to save this idea for Valentines or for party favors - especially if I borrow your alphabet party idea for Lydia one day. :)


OH, OH, OH...I love Josh Turner! I'm singing the song in my head...tell Ansley I'll sing it as loudly as she wants!!! His voice just makes me all giddy. Too bad all Ella Beth wants to sing loudly these days is Barney's "The Green Grass Grows all Around." If I have to listen to that one more time...

...I'll just have to sing along again! The things we do for our kids! Good times for sure. :)

Jim Brown

I finally sat down and watched the video. It brought back to me just a portion of the memories you have treasured. Soon, I will take the time and write to you, Jonathan, and Marsha, and share some of the moments Randy and I and the rest of the Greenville J C Penney team shared. From "the hat", to the Flood of the Century, to the remodel and the corny jokes, there was never a dull day. I can tell you this now though, nothing was more important to Randy Shultz than his relationships with God and with his family. He was extremely proud of you, Megan and Johathan, and John and Missy. And, his love for Marsha was evident beyond measure. And when Ansley arrived, you could not enter his office, or his presence as far as that goes, without hearing "let me tell you about my grandaughter Ansley. Enough for now. Thanks for the blog. You can add a third man who regularly reads your blog, and yes, I stopped when you warned to stop.

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