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What a helper!! And I love her apron!! The decorations are beautiful and the cookies look delicious! Have a happy party!


So fun! We made peanut blossoms (that's what we call the ones with kisses) yesterday too. Enjoy the party!


I wanna know how the snowflakes were made. (Do you like that I could recognize who the photo was of at the bottom of the snowflake ornament?) Hope y'all had a great time last night!! Can't wait to see pictures of it. I hope you took a pic of your drink labels (sweet tea, eggnog, cider, etc.). Miss ya! (And coming to your parties!!)

MEGAN RESPONDS: Ashley, I do like that you knew who that was a photo of! I actually didn't even notice that it was in the picture until you mentioned it. :) Snowflake ornaments are made with white pipe cleaners (5 cut in half), wrap the last piece around the middle, fan them out, and then push the white beads on to it. Simple and fun! I miss ya'll coming to our parties, too!


Your sweet kitchen helper's smile made me smile. Sarah and Hannah love making peanut butter kiss cookies too. Tell Ansley her snowflake ornament y'all made is pretty. Hope you had a very fun Christmas party with new friends (and your Georgia turned Knoxville friends!) Merry Christmas!

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