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That tree looks prettier than I remember it looking for me!! I can't wait to see it. I have to say that Chick-fil-a does have wonderful service and consistently great service. I might add Publix to that list. It's always a pleasure to shop there.


I see that I used service too much but Dale was batting at my hands and I wasn't concentrating!! I can do better. Also, I sure would like a chocolate peppermint milkshake from there--even though it is cold outside.


I've never heard of Amerigo? But sounds like a rough experience! I diddo the letter to Chick-Fil-A!!!! They beat any other fast food HANDS DOWN! I wasn't sold on them when first moving here- it took me awhile- but then I was hooked like everyone else. The service is amazing especially for fast food- and sadly- usually better than higher end restaurant (how sad is that!?), the food is always great (diddo on the awesome milkshakes there too!)- and the fact they are a Christ centered business is the icing on the cake. Sorry to hear about the Shutterfly experience! As you know I've had some issues with my site, but in terms of products I've ordered and customer service when I have had to deal with them, for the most part I've not been let down yet (knock on wood). So did they send you a new order pronto I hope??!!! So- did you really write and send these letters? If not- I think you need to- they are well said! :)


I don't know much about the others, but Chick-fil-A, I agree whole heartedly with!


Hey there! LOVE this post!! :) I haven't ever heard of Amerigo OR Land of thanks alot (my husband will probably thank you in his own way) for introducing me to more places to spend money. HA! I agree wholeheartedly about Chick-Fil-A!!

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