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I really thought that Christian would love C-Clause. Oh well, can we go see that house?? And what are all those qs doing on the top of the picture?

MEGAN RESPONDS: Yes, I really thought so, too, Mimi. Yes we can see the house, or check out another one I found as well. :) What q's? Heehee. Just kidding - I deleted them, but actually that was Kota walking across my keyboard when I was typing that. :)


I have one without a crying child- -2, actually- -Tabitha at 18 months and Phoebe this year. People dressed up in any fashion have never bothered my kids. I will try to scan and e-mail them to you. :)

Jill Elya

Funny enough this year, Turner did great! She is 20 months. But the key is that me and her daddy sat with her. First year she was SCREAMING her head off. But photos like these are priceless.


Nope- no pictures here of a child under 2 that is not screaming on Santa's lap! Paige and Pierson were fine their very first visit ever to Santa- but that's b/c they were both around 6months and didn't know any better. Then for the next two years (at 18mo's and 2 1/2 Paige SCREAMED)- until she hit 3 1/2 and that seemed to be the magic age and now Santa and her have been BFF the last two years :) Pierson- well he's on track to repeat what his sister did for a couple years- as he SCREAMED also this year- which I figured. I mean- he's in that prime toddler age of 16 mo's afterall! But I am partial to the screaming kid on Santa's lap pictures- they are just priceless I think- especially this year when we have one like you- the big sister all smiles and the little brother in fits of protest :) Seriously priceless! Merry Christmas!


Aidan was similar to Ansley. All happy and excited. Brenna kept a 15 or so feet distance and Carsyn (under 4...well 8 months) just stared at him. Check it out on my blog a few posts back. Too funny! I do know next year she (Carsyn) will be pitching a fit!

liz Davies

Um no, Christian is a perfectly normal boy when compared to my two :) Enjoy the boys!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Account Deleted

Ummm...I know it's almost unbelievable, but Ella Beth didn't cry this year with Santa. Landon, on the other hand made up for it! It's crazy...the shy one didn't cry, and the boy who will stretch his arms out to complete strangers screamed. It makes for a fun picture anyway! Merry Christmas!

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