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Yep, I'm happy, too, but will be happier when Ansley is better. Christian in that C-Clause hat is so cute. I remember how many times we tried to get a cute hat on Ansley--and there were so many cute girl hats!! I love that country elf video :)


PS I love Ansley's shoes! They sure look big--maybe it's the style.


Love that picture of the boy in the C-Clause hat! The one where he's not crying. And Ansley's shoes are the best! Laura would love them too.


Hey Megan! Love the post today! I have yet to buy a nativity scene and can't find any that I love. Do you have any suggestions??

MEGAN RESPONDS: Hey Emily! Thanks! Let's see...we have quite a few nativity scenes, but I'm not sure how helpful it will be. My Mom gave me the one we had growing up, and that's the one they play with the most. We also have a Fontanini set, which has lots of fun animals, including cats, and Ansley's really fond of that one. I have also seen the Little People one and thought about getting that. It looks cute, but we don't have it. Yet. :)


Hey there! Love the hat. Did Christina use one similar for Alex on a Christmas card...for some reason I recognize it? Also, to your friend Emily the nativity scene I've collected and love is the Willow Tree one. It's beautiful and you can go large and get all the pieces or go small and keep it simple without all the animals and shepherds. I know friends who love it so much that keep it up all year!

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