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Those penguins look a lot like Oreo cookies!!! What a great lesson you had today--in many ways! Glad you are all recovering--especially the teacher. Happy penguins!


Very cute! I would love to see more of your school fun on here. I love painting too but lucky for me my boys also love colored pencils ;) Thanks for sharing!!


Megan! We are doing a penguin unit this week too!! We are doing alot of the same things you're doing...including the lapbook. If you haven't checked out Mr. Popper's Penguins you should! It's a chapter book, but an easy read and we are loving it!! :)


Megan - you could have just asked me about mixing black and white. Even your colorblind brother knows it makes light blue. ha ha

Account Deleted

I love hearing about your lessons! Also, I L-O-V-E lapbooks. I did them all the time as an LA teacher. They were hands-on, memorable, and fun. All great tools for learning. :)


Of course I enjoy reading about your homeschool lessons since I am also homeschooling a five year old. :) One of our favorite penguin books just to make us laugh is Whiteblack the Penguin Sees the World by H.A. Rey (the Curious George author.) I am smiling about God putting it on Ansley's young heart to begin your homeschool lessons with prayer!


Paige is on a Penguin unit at school this week as well- and she loves it especially since Penguins start with 'P'- just like her name of course- which also happens to be her favorite letter- go figure! :) She also does handwriting w/o tears- so I'm wondering since they happen to be on a penguin unit the exact same week you guys are- if there is use of some of the same sort of program going on- just one in a school and one at home by use from you?! Maybe and probably not- but I couldn't get over the coincidence of them being on a penguin unit on the very same week! :)

As much as I hate to admit it- Paige is often the one who will remind me/us about saying our prayers before dinner- which like you- always humbles me! Between being exhausted and usually ravenous by then- I sadly forget more often than I remember- but rarely does it get past her! :)


I love that she wanted to pray first. That must be perhaps the best reward for homeschooling of all -to see the growth in your child's spirit. Looks like you had lots of fun!

I can't seem to see any of the other comments, I don't know why. Probably just my silly internet since we haven't actually figured it out yet!

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