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Looks like a fun time was had by all! That cake is awesome. Wonder where I could find a train one like it. Did you get it at a speciality bakery or just at a store like Publix? Love that top that Vera Bradley clothes?

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thanks, Ashley! How come you didn't assume that I made it? ;) No, it's from a gal here locally that I've used every year for the kids parties. She is fantastic - she had a train one that I loved! My top is from, where else? Ann Taylor Loft.

Andrea Wortham

Megan I am so glad I found your blog URL on Bill's blog. You have some gorgeous children. I just love reading your blog and being able to catch up on your life. Your blogs take me back when the girls were little. Not so little anymore. Sam is a college freshman, Tori's a high school junior, and Kat's in 7th grade.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thanks, Andrea! So glad you found me! I can't believe your kids are practically grown! Well, compared to mine, anyway. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Ashley Lee

What a fun birthday party! Looks like Christian and Isaac are in the same mode--Isaac's birthday theme is going to be trucks. Such boys!!! :) Glad he enjoyed himself and impressed that he blew out his own candle. Way to go Christian!

P.S. So glad to hear that you are feeling better!

MEGAN RESPONDS: It is fun to see how different boys are, isn't it? And thanks - I am feeling much better!! :)


It looks like everyone (including the plasma car racers) had a terrific time celebrating Christian turning two!!! :) I'm glad you are feeling better.

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