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LOVE the new Project 365. Love that you are capturing the everyday moments in your family's life. You will always treasure having these photos. I have a different type of photography project up my sleeve for sometime soon on my blog, although I really do like the Project 365 idea-just not sure I would remember to take a picture each day.

Here's to capturing every day matters! :)

Account Deleted

So, how did you do this? Did you just set up another weblog and then link to it? I should do a photo project...goodness knows I take enough pics! Maybe sometime...until then, I'll just enjoy yours!


I love looking at the new pictures but I'm confused as to where I comment. I don't actually remember you eating toaster strudels--I thought it was pop tarts. But, then, I can't remember a lot of things!! Tomorrow is the big day for the boy--I sure hope he is feeling better. Glad to see he is enjoying his new blanket. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Stephanie Perdue

I like your new set up. I have the same question as Amber. How did you do it? Also, are you uploading everyday for your dates to be correct? This will be a lot easier when you want to put it in a blurb for next year. I am not sure I can do that on blogspot. I haven't posted any pictures because I am not sure of the best way.hmmmmmmmm.....

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thanks for the comment, Stephanie! For you and Amber: Typepad offers the option of having another blog, so basically that's what Project 365 is (but I can access them both from just one spot) It is much easier for me, because then I just do a new post for that day, and I can type in whatever date I want as my "title", categorize it and then save it and start another one. Quick, easy, and will be much better to make the book for next year! If your service offers something like that, I would definitely use it.


I also like the new format, and it encouraged me to do my own. Stephanie mentioned blogspot, which is where I did mine. I just set up a new blog (same address with 365 added on the end)and linked it to the main one. It can be managed from your same blogspot dashboard. That this info might help her!

Stephanie Perdue

Thanks for the help. I just followed Julie's advice for creating one in blogspot. I hate the time stamp they put on the entries. I will be using your idea for putting the date in the entry title, but it still does a date so I am sure to confuse people. Also, I don't know if you knew this but your link to go from your Project 365 back to Lifesong doesn't work. Just thought I would let you know.

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