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Since I'm not on facebook, I really enjoyed reading this!! I don't think there is anything I really didn't know but I still enjoyed reading it. Thanks!!!

Laura from GA

Thanks for posting it on here..I loved reading it!
PS. I am not on Facebook either, Mimi :)


Also not on Facebook! (Though Andy is, and he read your list to me.)


I'm so bad about this type of stuff on facebook. I'm on facebook but only read status updates. I don't do all the quiz, survey, group stuff. I ignore all requests. Is that bad? So although I am on facebook, I didn't read this and appreciate the reposting :)
Have you found the obsession for twitter? It's better than facebook - I'll get you hooked while in's my goal :)


Hi Megan. It's always fun to read things it would take you more than 25 conversations to find out about someone - all neatly typed out. :) (I'm not on Facebook either Mimi. :))

Christina Sallustio

I always love reading these kinda things about you :) I am not yet on facebook, but seems like maybe I need to be! I kinda wonder what I would write about myself?

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