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Ashley Lee

So glad to hear you all had fun!

Leigh Ann


Haha. It is addicting! We had a great time house sitting. As far as we know, everything went well. Some things might be misplaced, so forgive me. I had to cook one night and it was interesting :) I hope you find your pots and pans eventually! And we did watch LOTS of movies! Enchanted, The Dark Knight, and Brian Keegan (aka Funny guy because I can never remember his name)

Glad you guys had fun! Peace!

liz Davies

Oooh, fun times! Looks like it was a blast!


I'm glad you had so much fun skiing! :)


We had quite a few Bluebird Days here, too!!! Dale and Griffin called them Crow Days but they will get over it! They think that they live in a library most of the time!


So glad you all had so much fun! Wow - a blast more like!! That's awesome, so happy for you all :)

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