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So cute! FYI-this is a great potty incentive when that time comes. Aidan still LOVES all his cars. You can find them in packs at Walmart for $5-$10 and we would put them in a basket in the bathroom and everytime he went potty he got one. (This only last for 1-2 weeks, because he was going potty every hour just to get a car..but hey it worked!)


Too funny!! We are car obsessed here too. My boys play with Pixar Lightning cars all day EVERY day. Check under the fridge and stove, ours seem to gravitate to the large kitchen appliances. Good times!


I can't imagine where they have gone! I sent him back with at least 10. But, no fear, I'm coming tomorrow with a new set of baby construction vehicles. I have my favorite baby cars--the yellow one is a favorite as well as that orange dump truck. At least they are inexpensive!! But I only know of one place I can find them anymore. I have only seen them at Walgreens stores but every time I go into a different Walgreens I look for them and have only found them at the one place. Have you lost the baby airplanes?


You could invest in a zippered pencil pouch to hold them in, or a small mesh wash bag (like those for socks/nylons) for him to pack them around in. That might help with the loosing them part. They look like Micro Machines. Tiny cars smaller than HotWheels ones. Might be able to find them online.


OK I have to say, I think I solved the mystery, and if I am right 2 things are going to happen.
1- I will earn the title of Supreme Commander over the Greiner Household, and have your undying respect and admiration. Until Christian moves on to another obsession.
2- You might want to have some x-rays done to see exactly where they are!

HE IS EATING THEM! The one night we babysat, they all disappeared, and I looked everywhere for them. We had just been playing with them and POOF they were gone!

Ok so he might not be eating them (other symptoms would have arrived already if that was true), but if he is not eating them, I bet he is hiding them somewhere like a dog does bones, and he realizes if they disappear he will get more! He is a smart little guy, don't let him fool you! He is building his own collection as collectors items (Mimi said they are hard to find!) that will be rare and worth a fortune one day! I am on to him! I will figure this out! :)


I'm catching up on your blog reading I have missed lately and I'm smiling about Christian and his Baby Cars. :)

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