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Did you happen to pick the name Molly due to the rise in popularity of this name due to the bachelor? Not that I watched it but was wondering if that might be why it was on your brain to choose as your 'new' friends name - which by the way sounds like a pretty funny gal!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Are you talking about trash tv? I would never pick the name of the second best. I mean, I hear she was the second pick, not because I watched it or anything. Molly was the name of my best friend when I was little, and it seemed very different from the name of the, um, actual person that said this. ;)


For a minute I thought that Molly R. had called you!! Sorry about your blue Monday (rainy days and Mondays always get me down) but I hear from the weatherperson that tomorrow will be sunny and in the 70's and ditto for Wednesday. That is enough to cheer a person. And I just want you to know that I wish my mom had saved all my childhood toys and treasures! I had the best collection of trading cards that were so cherished. And I did have some neat dolls. I notice that Christian is wearing his frog t-shirt. Does he make it ribbet?


Mark said the doll pic reminds him of 'The Exorcist' in doll-form. HA! Made me LOL I had to share...


Ok, the dolls have really creeped me out. I think those could be used in a horror movie.

Alicia M

I remember those dolls! But I agree... they look a bit creepy now.


I hope John is feeling much better today...How did your new recipe turn out?...Hooray for only 6 more weeks until the end of your first "official" year of homeschooling! I'm smiling that Ansley really likes her teacher. :) Hope your Tuesday had sunshine. We had old friends from our neighborhood in Corinth come to play in the sunshine with us. We all needed it!


When you come to see me, Ansley cannot bring the freaky dolls. This explains alot about you now.

when are you coming to see me?

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