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Wow Megan! You are inspiring me to get in gear and Spring clean. How do you fit that in with school too? I think you are more organized than you think. ;0)


I am laughing out loud- b/c first the way you wrote this post is TOO funny! Hilarious actually :) But second- b/c I am that OCD person who can TOTALLY relate as I was nodding my head at each shelf having a purpose-i.e. canned goods one shelf, cereal boxes another, etc... And I totally agree on the canister thing! I actually just bought some new flour, sugar, etc... clear (diddo on them having to be clear!) ones a few months ago- which for me was shocking in the sense that I can't believe I've not had them for years now- but anyway- I have no idea what I ever did w/o them! They sit on our counter and make me feel all domestic and chef like- which I'm SO not! I actually don't think I've used any of the ingredients yet in those canisters- but they sure do look nice and pretty and will be so convenient for when I do decide to put them to use! And watch out- you might find out just how addicting being a little or a lot organized can be- be prepared :) It can be a great thing- except well when it turns into a serious problem which I've been told I have! :)))


I'm glad to hear I am not the only one with this problem! I did the same to our "pantry" about a month ago. (I say "pantry" b/c it's really just cabinets that we use as a pantry--I would so love to have a real pantry again. And pull-out shelves would be even better...) So in my continuing endeavor to organize, I cleaned out our freezer last night. It's much nicer to open now and be able to see all that is in there instead of having to guess or move 10 things around to find the 1 thing I'm looking for. Good luck as you continue to Spring Clean!


I just love containers--they look so cute. I, also, reorganize the freezer from time to time. It's amazing what all you find in that freezer. I can see that you are ready to go on to new heights, Megan. Good luck!!


I definitely need you to come on down here and clean out my very messy kitchen cabinets and pantry!!! I decided I'm going to have "summer cleaning" instead of spring cleaning. It's hard for me to start organizing and actually finish it with schoolwork and Lydia into EVERYTHING!


Very nice. I'm impressed. Now go make your bed!!


It does feel nice. I recently did this to our pantry and our kitchen junk drawers. Now if I could only get motivated to move these efforts upstairs to our closets!! YUCK!!

Leigh Ann

I saw my applesauce :) haha and yes, I was one of the ones that said ... "those need labels..." Very fun post!!!


Were you all out of Fruitloops?

Robin Miles

ha ha, I love this post, so funny... and now I feel the need to go clean/organize my kitchen. ;)

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