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you are awesome. it is clear that you are definitely bringin' it. I'm impressed. with two little ones, all I can manage after bedtime is an episode of Chuck and a chapter of my latest book. :(

MEGAN RESPONDS: Don't worry, Kristen! It does, less they get older, and especially when they become friends and start playing with each other! :)


Way to go, Megan! :)


And if you don't have the luxury of a home gym downstairs than we should do what? Oh really, just keep sitting on the couch whilst eating Bruster's ice cream and watching Biggest Loser. Alright...than I'll just keep on keeping on.

HA! But really that's great. Maybe you'll influence us...maybe!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Well, you could at least create a home gym in your family room, and do chin-ups while eating ice cream and watching the Biggest Loser. ;)

Leigh Ann

When this is over, Mark and I will join you for a meal...until then. Have fun ;)

haha! JK!! This is great stuff! Can't wait to hear how it's going over the next 80 days or so!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Leigh Ann, I am looking forward to that meal more than you know! :)

Emilee Stanley

Pam the Blam! I tried Bringin' It. I brought it alright...straight to my knees begging to quit! We do it sporadically but it's a beast of a workout. Sounds like you guys are doing great.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Funny! All these comments are making me laugh! It is tough. Good for you for bringin' it even sporadically! :)


What will I be eating when I come to babysit this weekend?? I'm getting a little worried.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Don't worry, Mimi. We still have stuff around for the kids to eat. We don't force them into our healthy ways just yet. We won't force you just yet either. :)


We do some of that work out with my girls and the gym and the coaching I work with use it as well. It is really a booty kicker!


wow... proud of your will power!!! Here's to a sugar free lifestyle :)

We had fun tonight... thanks for coming by! Alex had a blast too!!

Give me another 7 months or so, and you can be my Fitness Guru :)


I have a friend who is also doing this with her husband- just the w/o though- not the nutrition part of it. Well- they are- sort of-just not literally what the plan calls for- more on their own as best their crazy schedule will allow. But I have heard this thing is crazy! Good for you! I too have realized (like a freight train hitting me when I turned 30 in the fall) that very, very sadly I cannot eat the sweets and junk I once LIVED for. Well, not like I used to anyway. Lets not get crazy and say never- I'm learning a new word- moderation :) Probably even the bigger thing for me though was cutting way back on my beloved, and I mean beloved, like seriously addicted can't go past 10am w/o one or through the day w/o 2-3 more- Diet Coke. I don't think I can/will ever give it up completely- I mean- you can't have water with pizza and wings! :) But I realized I probably don't need 4-5 a day! Again- that darn word-moderation- comes creeping back :) It's quite a tough switch from the days of my 20's where I lived on Diet Coke and sweets and junk and got away with it! Oh those were the days- and I would go back in a heartbeat if I could :) I'm still in mourning actually :))


#1 - the fact that the word "CURD" is on your cottage cheese container just makes me want to gag. ugh!

#2 - I am lovin' the fact that you're pumped about getting in shape for the right reason! I have so enjoyed my exercise commitment this year because it has really helped me to feel better. However, I have found that I need to start watching what I consume, too. It's hard to change such bad habits...donuts are one of my favorite foods, too. (The other day we were at the grocery, and I HONESTLY went over to the bakery and just opened and closed the door to the donuts so that I could smell them enough so I wouldn't leave and think about them all day!)

#3 - I am so happy you and John are doing this together. It's so much fun to have a great exercise partner. And, hey, the extra "benefits" aren't bad either. ;)

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