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Leigh Ann

I have admit Mark totally helped you out on this one ... He sent me a link to your blog and said, "have you seen this yet? :( " So, I was thinking the worst thing ever had happened...goodness. Then, to read your blog was closing...oh my! Devastating! But what a relief it's not! What would I do all day at work? Or at home sick in this case ... however, my sympathy goes out to Christian ...


It must be genetic. April fools is a wonderful holiday here too! We love getting Great Grandma in on the action - but this year she beat us to the punch!


Wow - that was stunning. I could not believe you would actually do it! That is so sweet and innocent what Christian said. Precious.


I can't believe I fell for it--even though it was only a few moments until I finished reading! I was ready to protest and decide where you could carve out a few extra minutes!!


I purposely checked the blog expecting to hear about your April Fools day and still read the first two sentences before thinking that it could all be a joke. You are too good!

Emilee Stanley

I almost fell for it too, thinking all the while - NO! I love your blog. Your writing always makes me laugh. Funny about Christian. That's a familiar sight in our home. Yesterday it was green sprinkles, today pumpkin pie spice. Ahh, the life of a two year old!

Ashley Lee

You totally had me. I was reading the beginning of your post to Michael in total disbelief and then started laughing as he was left in suspense. I read April Fools to him and he started laughing, too. Thanks for the laughs. I really needed that today.

Loved your jokes for your kids. You are quite clever. Although, I feel for little Christian and see Isaac reacting in the same way if I were to do that to him.

Bill McCready

I guess green in your Cheerios is way better than a snake in the email!!

Way too funny! And the picture of Christian is priceless. :)


You had me going - April Fool's! HA HA

Emily Jarkins

I'm so glad this was an April Fool's! We haven't even met but I love reading your blog! It makes me laugh, cry and realize that I am not alone out there! I laughed out loud at Christian saying "I not April Fool's. I Christian." Have a great weekend!

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