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I really think I'm going through Greiner withdrawal. Let's plan a trip soon! Love seeing the Easter festivities. I think we'll have to wait until next year for H to really get into the Easter egg hunting stuff. Funny...Mark got H a wiffle ball set for Easter too. Guess our men have the same end-goal in mind :)


That is a great picture of you and Ansley! Sunday's weather was so perfect - I too hope that weather returns soon.


I had a wonderful time! I wanted to compliment John on the beautiful green grass in the pictures. I'd like a copy of some of those pictures. I smile when I look at those pictures!!


So I've just updated myself on your blog over the last week and a half. So many things to say...First, Ella Beth L-O-V-E-S Fancy Nancy. She can recite books, and she uses words like "spectacular" and "fabulous" and "merci" all of the time - just to impress people I'm sure. ;) And, ummm, where have you been with the whole container issue??? Girl, if I had known, I would have told you about them years ago when I got mine. They have saved our pantry from insanity! And, I'm so with you on the limitless boxes of pasta. Together, we could serve an Italian-style Thanksgiving dinner to many, many people! So glad you had a nice Easter. I need to get busy on my blog. I've been so busy lately...well, you know. Have a great week!


I'm so glad that your family had a happy Easter celebrating Jesus' resurrection and enjoying family time together. All your photos made me smile. :) Beautiful shots! It's almost been a year since we got to see you on our Gatlinburg trip! Happy Easter!

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