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Love it Megan! I can't wait to do this with Jonah. We have been doing resurrection eggs but this really brings it to life. Too bad I got rid of all the Little People stuff! What Bible do you read from to reenact the scene? The adult version is a little too difficult for Jonah but his child's bible doesn't have enough "meat" to it. I love your tree too. Very good points and in a child friendly way too. Thanks for sharing! See, you need to write about school stuff more often!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thanks, Marni! We use The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name, and it is great! I highly recommend it. I'll work on getting more school stuff on here. Thanks for the encouragement. ;)


Great post Megan! I don't think you are bragging at all, I say, wow, wow, wow!!! This is God working through your child helping us remember that while we can understand what HE did, but we often forget. Your children are a gift--keep it up!I And yes, I know about little boys making my heat dance. Happy Easter!


Paige came home from school with the palm branch she made- saying "hosanna, hosanna..."- and proceeded to tell me all about the Resurrection and that "mommy- did you know that when they rolled the tomb away Jesus wasn't there- he went to Heaven and is alive!?" I am amazed- like you said- that at just five years old how much they really do understand- even from just a year ago when she was just starting to grasp the very basic concept. I love watching the Faith of a child- grow and develop and become real to them- and I agree- I pray it never leaves!! Have a great Easter!!!!


Oooohhh... I just love this, thank you for inspiring us all!!!!


Megan, I enjoyed reading about Ansley acting out her Bible lessons and seeing how she much she understands through the Easter scenes she built. It made my heart smile to see that Jesus was the KING! Your Resurrection tree was a very creative idea. I like the things that Ansley picked to decorate it to remind her of our Savior. We may borrow some of that idea at our house next Easter. :) I hope your family enjoys celebrating the Resurrection together tomorrow! Happy Easter! . . . I just read Marni's post and wanted to add that our family loves the Egermeier's Story Bible for reading aloud to our girls. It's definitely our favorite... I agree that I enjoy reading post about what you are learning together. I'm in my "what to teach next year" decision stage before our homeschool conference in May. Happy Easter!

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