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So glad everything went so smoothly and Christian is feeling well. I pray that he is blessed with continued health and no more ear infections!! What a trooper. :)


Yeah!!! :) I loved seeing his smiles today. Thanking the Lord for how easy his recovery has been. :)


You just can't keep a good kid down!!!


That silly pic of him is priceless! So happy that he is doing well!!

Robin Miles

Ha ha, glad your week went better than expected!


Wow- that's amazing. So glad he seems un-phased by it- b/c it definitely can be rough! I still remember how pitiful and sick Paige was with her adenoidectomy/tonsillectomy. Praying it all continues to go smooth and will work finally for the long haul! I can imagine he's ready for no more ear infections- as I'm sure his mommy is too! :)

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