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That is a wonderful tribute to Dad and brings lots and lots of tears to my eyes (and cheeks and neck) I like to remember those things about him and many many more. I wish I had savored some of those memories and hadn't thought they would be around forever.


What a beautiful legacy.


Your dad was a wonderful man. Bill and I would get together with your mom and dad every New Year's Eve when they lived in Greenville. Bill and Randy would spend the entire night telling jokes and Marsha and I would spend the entire night rolling our eyes. We laughed, ate LOTS of food, played games, and always watched the ball drop on New Year's Eve. I remember one time when your mom and dad went to Lowe's to purchase a tree or some type of bush but didn't have any cash with them so they drove by our house to get some cash. We had a good laugh about that. Randy was a true friend and we loved him and your mom very much! We miss Randy too.


Beautifully written. I never had the opportunity to meet your dad but I can tell from every word you've written about your relationship how very, very much you loved each other. Thanking God with you for his legacy in your life.


Missing Randy too this weekend, and Papa.

Laura from GA

What a wonderful post. Thanks for this!

Ashley Lee

Praise God your Dad left such a legacy! What wonderful and precious memories you were able to create with him. Thanks for sharing your heart and sweet words.

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