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Ashley Jansen

It was quite the fun weekend. Looking forward to even more quality Greiner time at the end of July! All of our kids could be related! See you soon...well actually probably text you sooner ;)

Ashley Lee

Glad you all had such a fun-friend-filled weekend. Would have loved to have seen you guys. :)

Isaac started crawling out of his crib about 3 weeks ago, too. Isaac and Christian must have the same timing. They are growing into "big boys" much to fast.


So glad everyone had such a fun weekend! We had a very romantic and relaxing babymoon weekend away before baby #3 but would have loved to been in town and seen y'all. Next time! =)


So glad you had such a fun weekend with long-time friends. I've always thought that you were so blessed to be so close to those couples and now their children. :)


we had a blast too. I think you forgot something though. You left some unmentionables in Mack's room. Hmmmm, where will they end up next?


Your kids MUST have been exhausted! I can only imagine how well my kiddos would have slept after a weekend like that! Can't wait to see pics of Christian's new "big boy" room. Hoping that Landon decides to stay in his crib a good while longer. :)

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