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Ashley Lee

It is so very weird how different boys are from girls. :) I can relate in every way with having a girl and a boy. We compare most often at dinner time around here, too. Isaac is definately not neat and tidy like Olivia. Remember my "Clothes Washing Secrets" post about boys? How fascinating that God made boys and girls so different. It would be a boring world if we were all the same and boys weren't weird, wouldn't it? ;)


Well, I only have boys but my first born was exactly how you described Ansley! Very neat eater, emotional and freaks out over the smallest injury. He is getting more little boy tough about falling but as a tot he would loose it! He is still my neat nick and emotional though. My second puts the M is Messy, is tough as nails and can make dinner look like world war three just hit our table. Maybe its just kids that are different or a birth order thing. I know my boys are much more loud and physical than many girls but I guess that is what makes them male. :) Kids are like having a little sociology study in your house and having boys add the science experiments too!


Well, here I am with all girls to echo Marni that it might perhaps be a birth order thing because my first born sounds more like Ansley and my 2nd more like Christian. :) My 3rd - looks like she may be the toughest and messiest of them all. :) But as a Mama to three little girls so far, I definitely agree that God made little boys different!!! :)


I do notice that Christian has the heavy duty clean up team handy for you (helicopter and dump truck)--what more could you ask for???


Did the P90X people enjoy the mini muffins? I thought they might be able to since they were mini muffins--just a little taste! That chef looks very dramatic in her baking. I can tell that she takes baking very seriously!


Too funny - laughing out loud reading this to Mark. My child seems to follow after Ansley's personality in relation to this post. Very neat and announces whenever there is a 'mess' (i.e. a fallen grape on the floor). But hey - to each it's's why we love our boys! And by the way - what a great dresser C is ;)


Girls are weirder!!! ;)


Landon and Christian must be twins separated at birth (or in the baby-making process...whatever!). One day he likes mac-n-cheese; the next, it's like I'm giving him soured milk. I honestly never know what I'm going to get from him. But, Ella Beth...I know her like the back of my hand; probably, like you said, because I can relate to her drama. ;) I also noticed the "heavy duty clean up team" next to Christian's mess. I need to look into getting one of those for each meal!

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